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Helping You Make Eco-Friendly Choices: Sustainable, Fresh and Recyclable

Our product packaging embodies sustainability and recycling. Crafted from ECF (Elementary chlorine-free), unbleached, food-grade kraft, which can be repulpable for recycled paper. To ensure freshness, minimal plastic is used and easily separated for recycling. A smart choice with 55% paper content for eco-conscious consumers.

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Can the paper version be recycled more than one time? What are they being recycled into now?

The paper used is ECF (elementary chlorine-free), unbleached, food-grade kraft; it is repulp-able to make recycled paper. The polyethylene used in the pack is recyclable.

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Is this Packaging more recyclable than the usual plastic Atta packets?

Both the packs are recyclable; the paper-based bag is a more sustainable pack.

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How easy and efficient is it to remove plastic from the paper-based pack and getting it recycled or upcycled?

Proven technology exists for removing plastic from the paper pack and then recycling plastic and paper separately.

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Does paper based mean it has a plastic coating inside?

Food safety & product freshness are priorities for our Branded atta; barriers from paper alone are insufficient to provide required protection; some plastic is used to keep the product safe & fresh.

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How much is the ratio of Paper in this pack?

Pack contains around 55% Paper.